Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday: September 02, 2008 Barcelona.

Woody Allen at his best.

His best would include my gf, Penleope Cruz :)

totally growing out my hair now. i ♥ her.

This movie makes for a perfect weekend matinee with friends you adore and def. one of your best girls. Made me and Kate want to take off to Europe. The movie just expressed why I love the European lifestyle best- why my heart is still there.

There is a part where Scarlett Johanson's character is biking down a path with Javier's character (ooh la la! He's grown on me. Sex.y!) & how the narrator says something like, here they aren't materialistic like in America, and she likes that.

A fabulous part in the film where Vicky's dining at an outdoor cafe with her "perfect" freshly wed husband and they are chatting with another couple they ran into from NYC. They are discussing the latest technology must-haves for their new homes, and Allen does his trademake all-is-quiet moment except a sad spanish guitar playing (think opera in "Match Point") to "show" Vicky's thoughts.

I have always enjoyed the smart, sharp conversation of Allen's.
The different outlooks of love.
And if you've been lucky enough to have lived and loved in Europe, this movie will bring you back.

Something to wonder:

"Only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

Out smoking at starbucks after the film, I joked, "I belong in a woody allen film. I'm that girl."

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