Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday: August 06, 2008 busy bee.

it's hump day once again! I can't believe how long this week has felt. Actually it's probably because I've been non-stop! I shouldn't complain though, I have gotten so much done at work and been on top of my projects. It's a great feeling. :) Then I've just been non stop after work.

Dinners... drinks... movies... the girls. That's a great feeling too but last night I finally cleaned my room/bathroom and skipped the glass of wine I usually have before bed and climbed in with the current book I'm reading:

She used to be a producer for ABC (still great to read about the business when you've been in the business) and she married the cousin of John John (JFK jr). She would lose her best friend Carolyn & JFK Jr. to the plane crash and her husband (who had cancer) a few weeks after. There was four and then her. Alone. I'm loving it so far.

This is what I wrote about it on

I love biographies. It's amazing how the human spirit... the heart can endure pain or loss and keep hope and faith. This is defenitely a great read so far. Great company for at work during down time and in bed when I'm alone and don't want to be alone with my thoughts... I can escape in hers.

I joked with someone that this is my new boyfriend... no, that's not right either ;)

All right, happy hour is waiting for me but since I was talking about sleep... (lack there of!) I wanted to share this pic with you. I'm pretty sure I got it off of A Cup of Jo once again - LOVE this girl!

I've been addicted to decor mags and blogs about fixing up homes. Me and Kate are in the process of finding a new place and i envision all this cool art I want to hang up or vintage looking furniture I want. Doesn't this bed look dreamy? I'm loving the lights and will have some in my new room...

It looks magical...
and sweet.
and peaceful.

and who doesn't want that for their bedroom? ;)

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