Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday: August 12, 2008 We all need someone to look at us.

Ever wonder how people see you?
How would someone describe you?

I have often thought about this. One summer me and my older sister Maria were people-watching as we sat on some steps in Venice. We were just watching the crowds as they made their way across ... mixing in with the pigeons and I asked her that.

You know how when someone asks you to describe another person? and you use phrases like, "well she's not fat... but she's not skinny" or "he has a big nose"... etc.

I have often wondered how people would describe me. Maybe I don't want to know ;)
The other week my computer was down at work and "my techie" -- that's what I call him :) lol --- came down to work on it. We got to talking and he mentioned he bought a nice camera cos he wanted to get into photography. He said, "you probably know a lot about that though." Like he pictured me to be the kind of girl who knew how to take pictures.

Janice Guy. Untitled. 1979.

One of my good friends often puts ads online to find people to hang out with. (Seriously not looking for love, she just wants good company in a big city she had just moved to). She asked me to write her up an ad to describe her. It was a pretty fun "assignment." :)

And so she wrote one about me... how she thinks I would be described in an ad. If there's something you should know about this girl, it's that she's achingly honest. Sometimes it's even hurt my feelings. In a way, (because of that sharpness of her honesty) it meant a lot to me what she wrote.

I often wonder what others think of me... but if it's anything like this, then I guess it's not so bad ;) :

"Classically styled workaholic seeking Someone to help kick her heels up and cut loose after work for drinks and other similar social fair. She dines on meatless worldly delicacies and sips only of the most refined and natural refreshments. Killer hair, alluring eyes, and an inviting smile are included in a complete package of irresistible charm, lighthearted banter, and your most faithful confidante. There is more about her you'll probably never know, though she secretly wishes you'd ask. As for what she's looking for...Your movie tastes range from classics to modern fluff and timeless Art House sensations. Your intellect keeps her on her toes and challenges her to think more than she ever thought possible. You must be quick on your feet with this girl, for she does not wait by the phone or twiddle her thumbs too long. Her date book is usually full and will only be revised for the simple but special things that life has to offer like close nit family, great friends, and a breathtaking kinda love. So, which one are you?"

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