Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday: September 15, 2008 jealous bff.

Current mood: jealous

Dear Maria,

You are my bff no doubt. I love you like you're my sister.

But today, today I just really really really dislike you a little :) because while I'm watching the COWBOYS on the telly…

You two

will be watching it at the stadium!!!!

I am no Maria :) but I think Joel should have taken me. I clearly love them more!!! lol

But, even though you may see Romo ♥ closer than I will ever get to...

I will be JUST FINE with my personal Romo

Kisses from your jealous bff,
-Micaela xxx

Okay honestly, I am SOOO GLAD you guys get to experience this together! :) please have fun for me and be safe.

Love you!!!!

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