Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday: September 12, 2008 Flutter.

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Ah, darling Friday. You are FINALLY here!
Guess what opened at the theatre!?!?

"The Women."

A SOOOO MUST-SEE. Just look at this fabulous star-studded cast! :

Ooh a funnie!!! So I ACTUALLY said this to C: "What's Candice Bergen's real name?" HA.

Um… what I meant to say was, "What's Murphy Brown's real name?" LOL I genuinely had blanked out earlier on her name and truly was wanting the answer. I apparently, speak after my brain already realizes the answer. It was quite funny!!!

I felt stu! :)

I'll let you know how it is.

Dear Mail man,
Please rush these to me in this beautiful pressie box:

My latest etsy purchase.

Robbie Williams has sparrows…

so Micaela shall too.
ok duh, I'm a dork! You know this. :) aren't they darling though? I need a constant for my second holes.


The Mane Event.

Going on TOMORROW at the MPEC.
Unveiling of 30 artsy GORGEOUS horses, including one I'm MOST proud of... my papa's! ;) Here's your friday treat: a sneak peek!
I am sooo proud of him!

check it out!!! Say hi as well.

"You are my hearts flutter!"

Lovies, my weekend wish for you is have a weekend that makes YOUR heart flutter!!! that, and you spend time with the FABULOUS girls in your life. I KNOW i am lucky there.
And if not, well

"When life throws a hurricane at you…
Board up the windows and make some hurricanes!
Here's to a Happy Friday."
-Chris Horgen Inc.


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