Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday: August 15, 2008 lucky.

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talk about luck!!!

I was outside on my cell talking to marianne because I needed my phone charger which i left in my car this morning in my rush to get to work (another late night staying up watching the Olympics! you should see all the co-workers of mine coming into our office to discuss it with me... love it!)

After we were done talking, I got out of my car and closed the locked door and realized my keys were still in my seat where I had left them.

(Of course I'm saying these out loud while I don't realize there's some guy a car next to me outside ha!)

LUCKILY... It is my day.

I checked to see if the backdoor was open and thank God, for some CRAZY reason it was!!! (I always lock my doors. always. thank God i didn't this time!) So there you go... I was able to grab my keys! :) seriously, I am never that lucky. I'm not the girl who always wins at raffles, the lottery, green lights, love.

But today is my day.

and today would NOT have been a good day to be locked out of my car. When I get off at my city job, I have to rush home to change for my "fill in job" this weekend. For any of you lucky ones who get to spend your hard earned money for tax free weekend, come see me at the mall! I've been a kind sister-in-law and am working all weekend but it should be fun actually, some of my best girls are working as well!

Allora, (which is italian for "so"-- cos i find myself using that transition all the time so [see what i mean?] i went international on you!) sticking with the theme of luck....

i will leave you with this:

Here's a thought on it by Jimmy Buffet in his song, "Love & Luck" :

With a little love and luck
You will get by
With a little love and luck
We'll take the sky
In this mangled modern world
You've got to try
Try a little love and luck...
So have your fun
Go ahead and tell your story
Find yourself a lover
Who will glue you to the floor

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