Monday, September 29, 2008

SERIOUSLY. *Spoil alert* just incase you haven't seen Grey's...

So last night me and C finally got a down moment to watch Grey's Anatomy and the MUCH awaited, MUCH anticipated season premier.

O… M…. G. LOL

Stacey had texted me Thursday and said, "I thought they were going to kill of McDreamy for a second!!!" – I almost killed her that night via text cos I told her me and C wait to watch it together since he works Thursday nights :) lol now I know what she meant…

The DEF. went for "shock value." lol MANY times they got me! My mouth dropped and I couldn't believe it! lol at one point me and C had to stop it for a smoke break. Haha it was CRAZY!!!

we cried… and we laughed… and we held hands at the touching points (in the words of Meredith Grey, "I am that mushy goey person inside"--or something like that! lol)

BUT… can I just say??? Meredith, you are NO carrie hahaha YOU ANNOYED THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!! seriously. Ya… SERIOUSLY. lol crazy woman!!! Then I thought, I guess we can be a bit much when talking to our gfs about our relationship probs :) but meredith was just TOO MUCH. Anyone agree???

cos your McDreamy? delish as always!!! ♥

Cheers to more Grey's and sad micaela (and C!) that there's not one this week… :(

We finally get to watch this season opener:
Brothers & Sisters

Dear Hollywood Writers,

AMAZING job so far! Please keep it coming so me and my boy can enjoy many more nights on the couch with our lola playing at our feets. You are a great escape to our busy lives! So think of us, [ me HAPPY with my personal McDreamy] while busy at work. We applaud you!



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