Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wens Morning July 30 MJ... quick encounters... seize the day!

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Max claims that I instantly make friends.
I leave and pick up our drinks from the bar and a few moments later, I introduce him to two people that just started chatting with me that are training here at Sheppard. We talk for a good ten minutes. Doug has four kids and never married. Eddie is from Austin and wants to go overseas.

I may never see these people again... but for a bit, we conversed over our drinks as music played.

I am making it a habbit now of talking to everyone... being nice to each stranger I encounter. I'm a huge believer you should always ask your cashier how they are and *mean* it. Not out of habbit.

Not that I was ever un-friendly as Max complimented me on :) but I realize that you can truly make someone's day or someone can make yours... if you actually take the time to look up and smile at someone as you're walking down the grocery aisle or hall in a building. I hate when people are looking down to avoid eye contact or don't even look over to offer a smile.

I was telling Max this funny/nice story about how i was getting gas on my way back to work and i was next to this guy who reminded me of an older "Mr. Cofee" from the Green Mile. Friendly and big.

He asked me how I was and I said, "oh you know... is it 5pm yet?" and he laughed and I asked him how he was? and he said, "Could be better but I'm a blessed man."

We kept filling up our cars and he made a mention he liked my grey vera wang heels. As a carrie wanna-be... HUGE compliment :) and not a normal one coming from a man like him. I told him thank you and as I was getting in my car, I told him to "stay blessed" and send those blessings my way. He laughed and said he would.

In my car I was jamming to "Billie Jean" by MJ and since my windows were rolled down some, I yelled over at him before leaving, "I can't be that bad off-- I'm jamming to Michael Jackson!" to which he laughed and we waved.

4 minutes. MAYBE 5. But that was it... and it was nice and simple kindness is hard to find sometimes.

So i challenge everyone to say hi to a stranger and make someone's day.
When all else fails... MJ helps too. :)

but my girlfriends (STEPHANIE!) already know that little secret. ;)

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