Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday: August 19, 2008 Rain.

Current mood: chill

text from my Moma 3:36pm today:

"Is it flooding over there downtown? Its raining here. I like d rain. It reminds me back home when i was growing up."

awww, that just gave me a visual of a little filipina girl, my precious Moma as a child.

I love the rain.
Love it!

and it pouring all night and into this day.
A little more than we need -- today felt like a news day... like I was in a news room. The same rush of craziness bubbling.

Interesting (and refreshing!) to be on the "other side."
I didn't even get to sneak away for lunch so God bless hot funyons (healthier than hot cheetos) !!!!

nicolas lorden

"Never have I ever... "
A favorite drinking game with my girls! :)
one girl I had just met that night who was driving off the next morning to marry her Coast Guard fiancee said, "Never have I ever kissed in the rain."


I was glad I didn't drink to that one.
God bless kissing in the rain...
my favorite and sweetest memories were during a great thunderstorm... !

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