Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday: August 11, 2008 Raw.

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"I used to rule the world"... VIVA LA VIDA! yup. Coldplay! It's in my head!!! :)

that is such a GREAT song to start off a rainy pretty Monday to!!! I can just picture Chris Martin singing this song... his hand dances. Love it!!! *chills* And I get to see him again in NOVEMBER!

Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?

I did... but um not exactly "refreshing" or "relaxing." ;)

Drank wayyyy too many of these

but it was also a weekend surrounded by great friends and lots of laughter...

and this too:


Next weekend I promise myself to do more of this:

i can promise myself that anyway :)

No really, I had a great lazy sunday after a "too much to handle" saturday.

I went to church... that felt refreshing. Lunch at thai orchid with the fam and then we went to an art showing. I will tell you more about the sculpturer next time because I want to take pics of my fabulous art buys!!!

Then after a cook out and home-made ice cream gathering... it was more family time in front of the tv cheering on our guys at the Olympics. OMG-- We were screaming and got out of our seats when the guys took gold for the men's relay race. What a great moment!!!

It was truly amazing!!! My papa even stayed up late to watch with us :)

it was a sah-weeeet victory, esp since the frenchies were talking crap! it reminded me of a carrie phrase... remember the one where she chats up a navy sailor out with the girls? and he starts talking trash about New York City? She says something like, "Aint no one going to talk shi.. about my city." lol ha. Great!

even though I should have easily fallen asleep last night after a busy day of which most I tried to fake off a hangover... I couldn't exactly unwind when i got home. It was 11:30 and I knew I would be hurting today at work. (btw, not so bad with strong coffee-- Didn't have time to do my starbucks run BUT! Maria has a coffee bean grinder and I'm convinced everyone who is addicted to java like i am should invest in making coffee this way) So I laid on the couch and started reading a book I bought this weekend. It's the National best-seller called "What I know now: Letters to my younger self."

Extraordinary women share the wisdom they wish they'd had when they were younger. Women like Maya Angelou... Ann Curry... Olympia Dukakis. It's pretty great!

The one I read before bed was actually one of the best. It was from singer Macy Gray. It was written to her 27-year-old self when her and her husband broke up. She was pregnant with their 3rd child btw.

So i will leave you with words of wisdom from her letter...

"You'll get to the point where you're just pleasing yourself. When it's all

about where your heart is, that attracts a lot of energy.

Everything else follows....

Becoming completely raw always works."


okay I lied. :) I will leave you with some eye candy!!!

"Helloooo lova"

these heels I bought friday -- a true steal from Nine West! Saw it off a blog called "cashmere + cupcakes"

LOOOVE them!!! have been looking for a great pair of strappy "gladiator" sandels since I saw them on Carrie when they were on Oprah. LOVE THEM!

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