Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday: July 31, 2008 Last.

Current mood: thoughtful

I love this picture.
It's both beautiful and sad.
I think it says a lot…
But I'm sure how I interpret it, will be different from yours.

To me it's like she's hoping for something…
She's almost begging.
He's practical.
There's some sort of sweet desperation.
And yet with his hand placed there… it's intimate longing too.
Like "hold me before I disappear."
Like this will be the last kiss.
This will be the last time I'll admit I need you.
So savor it.

You've read it many times in books or hear people say it after something ends…

I wish I would have known that would be the last time we'd kiss… the last time we'd touch… the last time we would dance at someone's wedding. The last time we'd laugh together… so you could remember every detail. So you could appreciate it that much more.

It's a great picture.

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