Tuesday, November 18, 2008

YET ANOTHER REASON... i looove Oprah.

as if i needed one right??? She's my shero! At 4 pm EVERY DAY, I turn the tv by my work desk on to Oprah. Normally, it's the audience that gets a free gift right? No, I wasn't fortunate to be in Chicago BUT-- last week? she was doing a show about organizing/de-cluttering your home... told viewers to log on Snapfish.com, where they could make a FREE photo book (regular value of $29). Guess what came in the mail yesterday!?!?!?

I made one for lover & i. "love you, love me" it says on the front.

I wrote on these pages, "Where our story begins..."
I fell in love with him when I was an intern at Channel Six & he was a Sports Director then.
The back of the book, i put our caricatures from Vegas.
All because I watch Oprah LOYALLY!....

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