Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A President For The World

YES we can!!!!
look at the lovely soon-to-be First Family

Wow... is all I could say seeing the screen that said he would be the 44th President of the US and seeing all the emotions in Chicago. Pretty Amazing to be an American right now.

On the Early Show today, they had this story about how far we've come in this country when it comes to Race. They showed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech where he says, "We shall overcome"--- and the same time, you heard Obama say it...
*side story... In Elementary we had to dress up as someone we looked up to and I dressed up as MLK. I wore my Dad's suit coat and drew a picture of Dr. King :)

pretty powerful.

It's a different America... A one that wants to Change.

This weekend, we went and saw "The Secret Life of Bees." At first, C complained about going because it's a 'chic flick' but- "it's quality time with my gf." :) He was glad he did. AMAZING acting. AMAZING message and a sense that, we really have come a long way.
In the movie, Jennifer Hudson's character just wants to have the right to vote. Risks her life to do so.

Obama IS the New Hope.

But I would like to say, when McCain conceded the Presidency, and gave a very humbling/gracious speech... it touched my heart. I wanted to hug him. :)

I think me and Abbie should get this shirt!

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