Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chris says I light up around my Papa.

My papa has always been the provider for our family of 8.
My papa took us swimming every summer when we were little girls. He would splash water on our hair when he thought we weren't going under water enough.
My papa made me pink pancakes one breakfast, because i loved bret hart and that was his colors.
My papa was my biggest fan (and surprisingly, biggest fashion critique) when I reported/anchored.
My papa is an amazing artist. His latest creation, a painted horse sculptor for Midwestern State University's campus, was on the cover for their spring schedule:
My Papa would take us to the zoo, museums, and brought us to volunteer at the special Olympics.
My Papa used to make me pray with him after I picked a fight with him growing up :(.
My Papa always gives us his christmas pressie the last and even though it may not be the biggest/most expensive gift, that's the point-- it's thoughtful.
My Papa showed us Jesus, and that's the best gift ever.
My Papa is Republican and so am I because of him... and yet he did not disown me when I voted Democrat for the first time ever. ;)
My Papa sounds like a trumpet when he blows his nose, and a fish when he sleeps... puh... puh... *my seesters get this :)

My Papa is a Vietnam Vet. He lost (at least) one of his good friends to war.

My Papa is a hero.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all the Vets... THANK YOU for all you've done and for those who continue to serve....

Happy Veterans Day to my FAVORITE Veteran, my Papa.

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