Thursday, November 6, 2008

things that made my day.

So I've been feeling pretty BLA lately, for no reason really... Courtney emailed me this today :) because she saw it on and thought of me. Robbie Williams!!! the man of my dreams reaching for um... ya lol It was sweet of her xo

other things that made my day?

C trying so sweetly to fix my cd player in my go-kart (car). And then his reply to my msg that my Mark Scarf came in!!! :
"I'm happy for your scarf!!! It's lucky to be able to touch you so much."

Omg. Do I not have THE best bf in the world???? le sigh. btw-- lovies, you neeeeed this scarf in your wardrobe! it's even prettier in person. Now... if only I can learn how to wear it like Rachel Bilson.

speaking things I love...

TARGET!!! you already know my love for GO International! Well, their Exhilaration brand is really stepping up! you can get a cute dress for only $24! like this one I wore on election day. Simple sweater-like dress... LOVE IT!Also found at Target....

Elnett Hairspray. Apparently this expensive bottle of hairspray is BIG on runways in Europe and it just now made it's way overseas...

$14 a bottle... I think I'm willing to pay that much to check it out. all in the name of fashion... :)

this cutie also made my day!!! My older sis sent me pics of my youngest niece Sophia dressed up for Halloween as Eyore.

Just tooo cute!!!!

I can't wait to have babies. :)

Trick or Trunk ;)

I miss my bambinas every single day.

awww and they INSTANTLY bring joy to their auntie's life.

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