Friday, November 21, 2008

how could anyone...

abandon a little puppy? and even though I'm not a cat person.. a baby kitten? SERIOUSLY!?!

our office is working on a promo for spaying/neutering pets and yesterday, my boss was doing a walk & talk at the local animal shelter. These babies were so happy to see someone and then it hits you... after 3 days of not being claimed? they're put down. If they have tags? they wait 5 days.

OMG, seriously?!!?!? There were some pups who stayed in the back and just looked at you with their sad eyes... just very still. Like they knew they were going to be killed that day or the next. Just waiting.

I thought of lola. How can you not love sweet animals who show you nothing but unconditional love? I had to ask my boss to stop the raw video cos i was crying. It's truly awful.

you know those National commercials on adopting a pet? and they show abused dogs? C covers my eyes.
Sad. Sad. SAD.

Robbie Williams LOVES puppies!
hmm... i don't know which one is cuter... actually I DO! ha

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