Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It will be a close one!!!

I hope everyone has hit the polls or has plans to!
I said yes, to obama.

C hit the polls before work today:
my text: I love you my fave Republican!
C: Love you more my favorite swing voter!

it's true. This is a historical election for MANY reasons, but also personally for me. It's the first time I voted outside my political party.

C is going to be busy at work all day, and though I know how exciting it would have been to work at a news station tonight... I'm not thinking I'm going to be missing out [though for the record-- my news director wanted me to work! lol Conflict of interest with my current job] because I will be watching my bf inform me :) and I will be in front of the tv with my family... just like we were during the summer Olympics.

so here's to our country! and tonight, for we will know who our next President will be.

such a heavy note to leave on, so I will leave you with another cute text C wrote me:
"Due to long lines today, all Obama voters are asked to vote on Wednesday. Thank u!"

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We did it dear!
luv the speech; "YES, we can!"

I got goose-bumps...

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