Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This one I wrote awhile back... but still love the interesting concept:

I once read an article in Elle Magazine titled "I know what boys like."
In it, the author talks about how she wanted to get into the mind of men...so she started reading books by male writers. She started off talking about Holden in The Catcher in The Rye--of which I'm ashamed to admit, i've never read.

I loved how she talks about the different books of "guy lit" and the differences in male authors vs. women writers.

..."I've had many great, gripping experiences reading male writers who, like JD Salinger, put men down on the page with a kind of real, raw, naked specificity that, whether in fiction or non-, makes them multidimensional and--excitingly---intimately available..."

I love that!
I've always had a fixation with Lolita-esque plot lines...and she spoke about a book called "The Corrections."

..."Seducing his boss's boss's boss's daughter...he artfully employs every inch of his red-and-blue mug---bashfully looking away from Denise to guilt her about her relative advantages in life, lowering his lids languorously when she starts to come around, and bowing his enormous head in stage solemnity when she finally undresses. The seduction makes my hair stand on end each time I read it."

She ends it by thanking so many men (writers) who "have opened my eyes to male inner lives."
Interesting concept really.

"Being led, page by page, into the skin of the opposite sex puts my nerve endings on high alert. Reading becomes irresistibly sexy--and what more can a girl want, curled up in bed way past midnight?"

i may have to "curl up" next to Holden. ;)
xo from an intrigued micaela


EliandMe said...

Now I think about it, I tend to prefer books written by women. I guess that's because your classic 'male lit' - Catcher in the Rye being a good example - contains far too much naval gazing for my liking. I find myself silently screaming 'for f**ks sake get over yourself ... and get to the point already'!!! I will freely admit that the fault here is with me and not with 'male lit'.

Micaela said...

Hahaha point taken!

you know, sometimes I think Nicholas Sparks' books are too mushy! ha isn't that a joke? lol


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