Monday, November 24, 2008

I love you, but.... you have skinnier legs than me.

Didn't I tell you joanna has the scoop on ALL things cool?! :)

Today on SMITTEN and A Cup of Jo, she introduced us to a HILARIOUS site called I love you but...

a completely funny take on relationships. Everything from "I love you, but you talk to strangers" (totally me!!!) to the more serious, "I love you, but you don't believe in God." (deal breaker, btw!)

she asked us to share how we'd finish that sentence. :) this is what i shared:

"I love you but sometimes you make me feel like you're a better parent to our puppy, like it's a competition! ha."

my ex would have said, "I love you but you voted for Bush." Guilty! I have since voted OBAMA so...

I wonder what C would say about me? :)
"I love you, but you steal the covers."
"I love you, but you're so messy around the house."
"I love you, but you make spontaneous plans."
"I love you, but you talk over me when I'm telling a story."
"I love you, but you always have to shower before we get intimate." ha! (i always tell him he should be thankful for that)
"I love you but you make me watch girly movies/shows."

"I love you but you share way toooo much of our lives on your bloggity blog." HA!!!! *Wink!

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