Monday, November 3, 2008

Feeling Sorry For Myself.

I hate:

Our house is a mess and I don't know where to begin to fix it. (sorry lover)

That it's not fancy/artsy/vintage-y/chic as the pages of my Domino magazine.

That I can't cook.

That I can't get over the weight I've gained since leaving the News.

That since I don't have to "worry" about my appearance so much, I can't seem to remember how to do my hair. *plus side? it gets done wens!!! Spa Bella, it's been waaaaay too long!

That I'm too nice.

That I drink waaaaay to much coffee.

That I will never be the kind of girl to pull off bangs/tucked in shirts/looking cute in a hat though I DESPERATELY want to be.

That I lose my fave pair of earrings/rings cos I'm such a scatterbrain.

That I haven't been able to go to the gym cos I work too much.

That it feels like forever since I've been to church.

That I'm not totally complaining that I work too much cos I shop waaaaay too much.

That I don't see my Momma as often as I'd like.

I hate that I'm complaining at all!!!!


I have the best bf in the world. After his long day at work, he's stopping by the store to pick up a wall kit so he can hang up a mirror in our living room and "The Kiss" print I bought today and had especially framed. My most favorite piece of art in the world... and it will be in sight for my lover and i when we wake up and he holds me in his arms just like in the painting... heavenly. magical.

amore... just the opposite of hate.

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