Monday, November 17, 2008

looooved & spotted.

blog babies, I again was in *awe* of Chris Martin of COLDPLAY! I can't believe i was ever so lucky to see them live in concert again last night in Oklahoma City... and with my favorite people in the world nonetheless!!!! It was SIMPLY AH-MAZING. Nothing short of what I expected! he is a true entertainer, a def. crowd pleaser because he wants so much to connect to everyone.

I heart Chris Martin! I love his hands espech! It's true!
thx for singing "The Scientist!"
*pics coming soon....
This i saw here. She called it "Sunday. Recovering." Love it! except mine would be, coffee sans tea, and marlboro lights sans camels. I'm in love with Bond's girl. My current girl crush. I love her make-up!!! it reminds me of my twinkie's. Lover saw this movie with my brother-in-law Saturday and loved the film. I bet this girl had something to do with it ;)

she's in the pages of GLAMOUR this month!

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Anonymous said...

Coldplay? Yes please! Your still life? So me (tho mine would be a soy lattee and parliments).

Love love love your blog!

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