Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

what i'm looking forward to: RELAXATION with loved ones

Lovies, this is the first year I get to ENJOY a holiday in FOREVER. I am off work in a half hour til Monday. Seriously!
As a reporter, I was always working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eves, Christmas Day, etc. I'm COMPLETELY enjoying it this year and lover (the news anchor) even gets tomorrow off with me! This darlings, is SPECIAL. :)

tonight, we have plans to make deviled eggs & fudge/oreo balls for my parent's dinner tomorrow night. Actually, he doesn't trust my non-cooking talent, but he will "give me a job" to do he says. lol

I am SO THANKFUL for a lot this year:

*My family. I'm thankful I have AWESOME relationships with each and every one of them!
*AMORE. My C. That even though we had a difficult patch this year... home is where your heart is. My heart is in his.
*My faith.

And you, my greatest imaginary friends! ;)

enjoy great conversation, over great food!

ps. as a vegetarian, I MUST tell you that eating turkey is bad. just bad. !
photos seen here and here.



2U as well dear...I totally agree; count all our blessings - big and small...all good! Amen*

EliandMe said...

Happy thanksgiving cyber (but not imaginary) friend.

As a fellow 'significant other' of a reporter I know how difficult it is to get those big holidays off work - so yay for team Micaela!

Micaela said...


and S, you totally know my pain but ahem... the perks your way are lovely!!!! CHEERS to that!!!! xo

Lynne said...

I'm so pleased you have lots to be thankful for - and I love the bottom photographs, with all the candles. Delicious.

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