Monday, November 10, 2008

le weekend.

Happy Monday Lovies!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. C took me to the symphony saturday to go see a STUNNING performance. Omg, it was beautiful. Better than our first experience to the symphony together, because they had a talented pianist named Chu-Fang Huang on board. Lovies, she was AMAZING!!! she didn't have music in front of her-- she knew it by heart and threw her whole body into it. Her fingers floated on the keys like they were on water. We LOVED it!!!

C leaned over to me and told me that Chu-Fang Huang loved to read as a little girl in China, but her Father wanted her to learn piano, so she would hide her books under her bed and read at night. He said, "I thought you'd like that." :) Oh lover, you know me well.

The performance ended a little after 10 and we were starving. We had breakfast at IHOP, and it's times where it's just us and we share funny/random stories of our lives that I love.

*btw, we did not match on purpose.... though I'm glad we did ;)

also this weekend... i went crazy at old navy. My friend nicole told me they were having a 50% off their coats. I've been on the look out for a fuchsia colored pea coat and found THE perfect one. It's vintage looking, with a "bell cut" shape...

Fashion heaven!!!

Old Navy, it's been wayyy too long.

my next must-have item here.

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