Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's no secret... everyone knows my LOVE for GLAMOUR magazine. An even less kept secret? My love for SMITTEN blogger, Joanna Goddard. In fact, here's a truth: She was the one who got me into the blogging world. I miraculously somehow stumbled upon "A Cup Of Jo" one day at work... and it's been a love affair since.

A post today was about chatty girlfriends.
Confession: Guilty.

i have a HORRIBLE habit of "stealing the conversation."
ugh it's awful cos i don't realize i do it! :) I'm not chatty-annoying... my problem is, it just reminds me of something that happened to me or i'm afraid i'll forget it and before you know it, it's out of my mouth. lol

C laughs when i do it, but *i* personally feel bad. :) lol
i'm always full of questions too... which i blame it as the reporter in me.

Check out this Smitten... let's see who the Eves are! *wink.

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