Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun 2008!

Halloween Fun 2008! us girls did the alice in wonderland theme.
I was the cheshire cat, steph was a flapper *ok not part of the theme lol*, marianne is the white rabbit, and lauren (hostest with the mostest) was the Queen Of Hearts.
my cheshire cat costume didn't keep me warm outside :)

steph borrowing C. :) C's costume was um... "hung like a horse." ha i know... classy.....
lauren & mehle decorated the backyard so cute!!!

my blackberry didn't take such a great pic but! it's funny cos it's a bat ring and me and marianne joked that it was honestly a sexy vampire, think Lestat from Interview With the Vampire. :) lol

Lovies, I hope you all had a great and fun halloween as well!!!
I know someone who had a FABULOUS/LOVELY one... ;) congrats to the couple-to-be xo
couldn't have happened to a better girl :)

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