Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eye Candy!

PEOPLE magazine reccently put out their Sexiest Man Alive issue.
Hugh Jackman has nothing on my list!!!!

The men i lust...
1:) Robbie Williams.
i want to have robbie williams' babies. FOR REAL. :) Ha
C makes faces cos he's the celeb on "the list"- you know what i'm talking about!
(his is Hale Berry)

2:) James Mcavoy.
Becoming Jane. Atonement. Need i explain more? Me and my twinkie fight over him. ha.

3:) Jude Law. His crooked smile. Him in "The Holiday." Swoon.

4:) Clive Owen = mmm. Serious man hot.

5:) Simon Baker. That hair. His eyes when he smiles. His accent.

Added bonus: Gerard Butler. PS, i love you!

so there you go ladies! who do you love?


EliandMe said...

I'm going to take a wild guess you have a thing for English men!

Good list by the way, but you are missing - Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson and David Tennent.

Micaela said...

that i do!!! hahaha the accent? suppose that always works on us ladies :) lol I LOVE the english humor.

Lucky you!!!

btw... Johnny Depp I will agree too... I prefer owen's brother Luke :)


...I'm quite greedy, so all of the above pleassse... lol!

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