Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chills thinking about watching THIS!

Revolutionary Road
i can't wait to see it!
the previews are amazing.
and it's no secret i heart kate & leo was my girlhood fantasy.

SNEAK PEEK: The lovely pair was on my shero Oprah's show today!

Luckily, i am lucky and a darling of mine has Tivo. Yesssss!!!!
also on the Tivo List? American Idol's 2 hr season premier!!! yup, missing that tonight because of a work meeting :(

so happy american idol watching!!! :) here's to another season of fun!

ps. back to Kate- Did you see how CUTE kate winslet was accepting her golden globe when she emotionally thanked Leo?


The Socialite said...

I am sooo excited to see the movie as well! It looks so interesting.

Geisslein said...

Yea - I need to see this movie! Because I love Kate - especially as she thanked Leo at the Golden Globes - OOOOHHH SO CUTE!

Micaela said...

I wish i could go see this with you girls! I'd buy you each a bag of m&ms ;)

can't wait to discuss it!

Meg said...

i have to level with you on this one. i did not like this film. i found it extremely upsetting (and this is coming from someone who revels in dark and depressing films)--i found it upsetting because much like greek tragedy there was no hope to be found (but that being said if you're a fan of greek tragedy go for it). i though the trailer was great, much better than the movie and I love, love, love, love Kate W. but was actually upset she won the globe for this, because she wasn't as good as she usually is...the film lacked layers and peaks and valleys...it was somewhat flat. i left sobbing because it was so upsetting and angry, because i wasn't sobbing because i had just been tremendously moved by a fantastic film.

did that savor strongly of bitterness? my apologies, but see for yourself, and let me know what you think

Meg said...

but our girl Kate did look might goooood!

Micaela said...

Meg you are so cute :) maybe what i need right now is a bit of greek tragedy, but no hope??? even the greeks had that- Pandora kept it! lol

i will def. let you know what i think and thanks for the heads up- nothings worse than feeling disappointed in a movie. Like Halle Berry winning for "Monsters Ball?" TOTALLY disappointed. Hated that movie.

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