Monday, January 5, 2009

love, me.

*the following was inspired after reading the incredible meg's post, "disclaimer."
at the end of a relationship, i figured [ironically] what better time to write this... then now?

dear husband-to-be,

i love movies. they are the great escape to life. i promise to put my legs over yours in every dark theatre... or squeeze your hand during a sexy scene. i promise to wear your shirts around the house, even when i'm cleaning- not just to bed. when you're having a bad day, i'll sing abba to you or play elton john because i believe anytime you hear him on the radio, it's going to be a good day. i'll share my family with you because i believe they are the greatest human beings and tell you stories of my childhood you can laugh at me for. i promise to never eat meat (so don't try and make me! lol) and may make you taste my food when we dine out to make sure there isn't any meat. i promise to smile at you a lot... and touch your arm, even when out in public for no reason, other to let you know i am that moment with YOU. i promise to write you little notes. i promise to hug you when i need one, or when you surprise me with little gifts- because it is the little things. i make spontaneous plans. and i grind my teeth at night and if i can't sleep... i'll wake you up to talk to me.

i'll make you mad at how spoiled i can be sometimes... or that i drink too much wine... and you'll shake your head when you pat my back when i'm throwing up. i'll cry in the morning and apologise a million times. that is something you will love about me, that i'm not afraid to say i'm sorry. But because i've said it way too many times in my past relationships... i'll try my best not to make it a habit for you.

Something i'm working on for you is... i won't always say what i'm thinking or feeling. It'll drive you nuts... but again, I'm working on it for you.

i'll make you spin me around when we're out on the dance floor. i won't have rhythm, but i'll be laughing the whole time and shaking my hips and bum.

i can't wait to have your babies... and i promise to flaunt my preggo belly and call him/her, your mini me.

i promise to pray for us.

i promise to give you my whole heart...
because i will have waited for you. i will have gone thru endless heart-ache for you.
i promise to tell you, while kissing the side of your face, that it was all worth it.

i promise.


Meg said...

I am so honored that you made your own--it's beautiful. the guy that puts on a ring on that finger is gonna be one lucky bastard. hope all is well--you're still with the bf yes?

EliandMe said...

Micaela, if you ever need a warm place to go, my e-mail is shonaghingram at bolton dot gov dot uk. Ranting, nonsense and stream of consciousness outpourings will always be receieved with love and without judgement.

Look after yourself angel x

p.s. if I wasn't already engaged, I'd totally marry you ;)

redframe said...

beautiful sentiments beautifully written. can't wait to read about it when you say this to the man who deserves to hear this.

Meg said...

I'm so impressed by your courage...perhaps I'll take a cue from you (though my courage will take other forms); i did see Benj. Button and loved it (but again, another hole in my knowledge...didn't know it was based on Fitzg's work--or maybe i heard that somewhere and ignored it)--gonna have to look into it!

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