Tuesday, January 13, 2009

soon-to-be my new pair of glasses!!!!

On a lighter note...
I dig a girl in glasses.
[so does she... this is where i first came across this gorgeous model. P's take on girl-envy is worth the read!]

I have a pair of BEBE's that are thick and black and i about cried when i thought i lost them in my umpteenth move. [thankfully they were found surprisingly tucked away in my sister's car]

I once read this great quote from the book Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel.
Listen to the beauty in this description:

"....the look in her eyes was vague and sweetly stunned like that of a girl
who's just taken off her glasses."

Love it. I saw THE PERFECT pair of chic/sheik geek glasses! I SO WANT!!! of of the gorgeous and talented [and VERY sweet!] Dallas Shaw's blog.

i covet these!!! they are Oliver Peoples. She informed me by email that they don't make them anymore :( but gave me a pair similar and a lady to speak with who could put me in touch with them. SO sweet + helpful. Perhaps soon i can pull off the look. wish me luck! xo


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Very cool glasses, they remind me of the ones that serious men wore in the late '50s/early '60s. I love that style. I wish I could pull this look off, but I think my face is the wrong shape...I wear those rectangular black-framed ones I call "architect glasses".

Thanks for finding my blog...thoroughly enjoying yours!

Meg said...

oh i love glasses too and desperately want them.

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