Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She still has Romo

I was watching the news while getting ready this morning and they were discussing how Jessica Simpson is getting bashed for her weight gain.

Here's the pics:

frankly, the pants aren't flattering. And the arms- well i hate my arms so i feel for her in these pics. But she is NOT fat... just a little curvier right?

ps. her sister Ashlee defended her- so cute!

pps. I may have set my fb status to, "Micaela is thinking she is following in jessica simpson's weight gain... ha."


hippie soul said...

I was going to blog about this... you beat me to it! It makes me sick that the media will scrutinize celebs for gaining a little weight, and then BLAME celebs when teenage girls starve themselves to look like their idols. I'm all about her curves! Women are SUPPOSED to have them. (And I agree... those pants are just awful... on anyone!)

You are my fave... said...

Those pants are disgusting but she looks just fine. Although I'm not really a fan.

Kiyomi Joy said...

I LOVE Jessica Simpson and I have read almost everything about her, on top of watching "Newlyweds" a million times but that was mostly because I LOVE Nick Lachey and she has ALWAYS struggled with her weight/body image and people have always been really hard on her about it. Her pants are not the most flattering thing, so that doesn't help her, but I still think she looks great. I will admit that for a while I wanted her "Daisy Duke" body but I also saw how hard she worked for that body!!

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