Thursday, January 8, 2009

My go-to girl.

me + my maria in the middle
oldie but goodie

when i was in hs & we worked together,
ppl thought we were sisters.
i told them we were. :)

I finally went round to her new place. It was really good to talk to her again. Sometimes i sit across from her and can't believe what a strong person she is, and loyal friend she's been to me. Her little studio loft is so cute! i'm so proud of her (sounds funny, but you know what i mean!) It's basically one big room. The very kind of studio apartment i've always wanted.

Maria has been my one constant. My bff who's been there--- and we have both survived. My go-to girl. The kind of friend who last night, stopped talking mid-sentence and looked at me with this horrible look on her face [making me believe i had something on my face] and goes, "omg, are you not embarrassed by your eye brows? where's my tweezers?!"
on went all the lights in her house and she cleaned up my hopeless Frida unibrow. :)

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