Thursday, January 15, 2009

I was myspace's best client.

I'm doing the unthinkable today. I'm deleting my Myspace.
I tried doing it a week ago but it's been hell cos my log-in email was no longer a working one (this is how long it's been since me and myspace have had a relationship) so i had to contact myspace and take the above picture. A week ago. I just heard from them today.

It's a unreal decision because I've made great friends on there and found old ones...
A darling of mine joked that Myspace was taking forever because they didn't want to lose their "best client." ;) It's true, i was a myspace whore. I still love it better than facebook- though did you know fb is more popular? but that's a tangent.

this may all sound silly, but the truth is... *big sigh* i don't have it in me to delete pics of me and C... AGAIN.
nor do i want to change my status to "single" (bad enough i had to do it on facebook and that status change FLASHED on EVERYONE'S fb and in came all the puzzled questions...)
nor do i want to see what C is up to by seeing him on my top friends. :(

it's just easier.

and the other thing is, i used myspace to primarily blog.
I've got this here.
so it was an easy decision. well, one that needed to be done.

oh tricky 2009, who knew you'd be full of ALL kinds of changes?!!? ;)


lucky_me said...

Hey! I'm glad that i inspired u with the phrase 'fais table rase'! Sometimes i wish i knew all the languages of the world cuz some have better ways of saying certain things than others!
Thanks for the comment. xx

DT said...

rg - changing my status on FB was hectic! I received about a thousand phone calls and messages! I have yet to change the photo's! So much admin on such a sensitive issue!

Good luck - hope it won’t get trickier ;-)

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