Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In need of guiltless pleasure.

I have a habit of watching trash tv. It's what I would do on my days off... i'd be glued to BRAVO or the Bio channel.

my latest unexplained addiction is "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Last night it was on, and there i was hooked on these crazy fake women and their catty remarks. It was great. :) Worse- i had a stack of STAR magazines Barry gave me at work that his wife gets and doesn't read. Confession: I know all the celeb gossip. I know who just broke up and who's dating who. lol i don't believe everything i read, but it's nice to know that even with money, hearts get broken just as well.

Something that pissed me off with this last show was how bratty lyne's kids are. It was her daughter's 18th birthday (the girl didn't even have her licence) and she got a BMW.

First. Car. Tell me that doesn't make you sick too?

maybe i'm just bitter because when i was 16, my gift was a "go kart" i shared with my twin sister.
maybe i'm bitter because the first car i ever bought outright was a Toyota Tercel that lasted a year (half of which the a/c was no good to me... and that's not good in the texas summer!).
maybe i'm bitter because i STILL drive the go kart i learned to drive in today.

yes, sad. I know. :)

I'm just saying.... lol

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Tiffany said...

Lyne's kids ARE brats!! and her youngest DID look like a hooker in that dress! As you can tell that is one of my guilty pleasures also!

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