Friday, January 23, 2009


happy weekend lovies!!!
i hope you guys have an amazing weekend.
It was another beautiful day today but the cold front is supposed to move in tonight, so I'm looking forward to being under the blankets.

this weekend:
*blast from the past- Going to the Pub to see my ex's dad's band play tonight. I really could use a drink! joel's also going to be in town this weekend. It's nice that someone i experienced incredible love/incredible pain/incredible hate with is now a pretty good friend. I think this is what it's like to be called a "grown up."
*going roller skating :) i haven't been to this place since jr. high when i got grounded for WALKING there. lol "couple skates only..." ha. I don't know how to skate so should be fun!
*watching tivo- LOST, i can't wait!
*watching it under blankets and keeping warm

my weekend wish for you:

*cute pic via here.

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