Monday, January 19, 2009

"That's the cheapest I've ever got it for!"

About once a week (lately, twice!) me and twinkie meet up for lunch at our fave downtown place, MT's Cafe [where you can catch me helping out waitressing thurs & fri nights] with our seester gfs, lauren & mehle.

these girls are SO.MUCH.FUN.
it's even more fun cos they're sisters and we are too, so to see the ways we siblings are alike, is just cool. :)

our waitress handed me the check and i about DIED LAUGHING when i saw what was written at the bottom.

OMG it was HILARIOUS!!! i said out loud, "who ordered dick for lunch? lauren???" lol

our poor waitress meant to abbreviate Meh's DIET COKE. ha Mehle joked that that was the cheapest she ever got dick for!!! hahahaha

wow. It made my Monday. Totally.

on another funny note- I was telling the girls how good i felt cos last night i replaced like 4 light bulbs at Casa Di M. Mehle was lost and was like, "You changed a light bulb and feel good about it?!"

I know, i know, you just screw the light bulb in, simple... BUT! the hallway light bulb covering was a little diff. and took some time to figure out. PLUS! (and moreso) I've always had a guy to do those kind of things. It was a small feat, but BIG in different ways. so YES. I was pleased with myself.



Meg said...

what restaurant is this? always in search of good ones in h-town. and you go girl, change that lightbulb--YES WE CAN!!

Micaela said...

darling Meg, it's a family owned place only kin to my little texas town. :( I would be willing to fedEx you some of it's yumminess unless you want the above HAHAHA! too bad H-town is so far south (i'm right by oklahoma) I think we would have fun going out eating or shopping! xo

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