Monday, January 19, 2009

Tony Romo WHO?! GO CARDINALS!!!! :)

We all know i love the Cowboys. I do. LOVE them.
but after they weren't in the rankings to make the Superbowl, a girl has to go to her back-up. Mine is the Arizona Cardinals. I lalaLOVE Kurt Warner. Gorgeous.

The second reason :) i love AZ is my brother lives there and during a home game this season, his National Guard unit was recognized during the 3rd quarter. He told me the crowd went wild and it was a very good feeling. They also got to do a three-ship formation flyby in honor of Veterans Day.

there's my brother on the left! his bum :)


I told Marco he has to send me a Warner jersey before the Superbowl.

I called it, i knew they would win! WHAT a game. I knew McNabb & Westbrook could play better than they did, and they finally stepped it up after halftime. Still, not enough to beat what the Cardinals wanted sooo badly. What a game! There are no fans like football fans!!!

Superbowl 2009, I can't wait!!! :)


Mila said...

Hi darling!
I wanted to thank you for the amazingly sweet comment you've left on my blog.
It truly means a lot to me!

Bye, sweety!


hippie soul said...

heeheehee... my boyfriend's best friend is from Arizona, and he was going CRAZY during the game yesterday! lol... I'm not really an NFL fan, but seeing him so happy made me a temporary fan. Go Cardinals!

Kiyomi Joy said...

We watched most of the game and we were so excited! In all the years I lived in Arizona that team never did very well, (that I can remember anyway) so it was AH MAZING to see them finally get to the Superbowl! WOO HOO! We will for sure now be watching the Superbowl and rooting for our "home" team!

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