Thursday, January 22, 2009

Completely Random.

I don't have a radio in my go-kart.
My car used to have a CD player and then it died.
(i say my twinkie killed it when i let her borrow it)
I thought at first that I would just die without it
I love music.

If i happen to ride passenger in your car, don't be surprised if i'm constantly changing the station, because I don't want to miss the next song that could possibly be on- that i will tell you over and over, that i "loooove this song!"

but without a radio?
i find myself singing church songs. :)
songs that i grew up with.

it's random, i know... but i guess because it makes me happy.
and God doesn't judge right- whereas if i was trying to sound like Britney while singing "womanizer", i might have reason to be judged. But a church song, you can't go wrong. :)
It's more fun when twinkie is driving with me and we are both singing together. lol

my older sister once told me that when she became a mother and would give her first baby girl a shower, she would sing church songs to her.

"O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because
we do not carry everything to God in prayer..."

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