Friday, January 2, 2009

oh 2009... please be good to me. please?

New Years Eve is soooo over-rated.
I've hardly enjoyed myself... too much drinking [but then I've openly admitted that fault with you darlings] leads to horrible ring in... or no ring in at all.

I've decided I'm never going to celebrate it again. lol
I would be most happy on dec 31st, 2009 to stay home and dance in my undies with the love of my life.

I will never forget 2 new years eves ago... had a HORRIBLE night. HORRIBLE. classic awfulness. Woke up late the next morning for work... just not a good situation. I wanted to disappear. I was out on a news story and I will never forget what my news photographer said to me that day... he said, "That was your one bad day for the new year. You've already had it... so it can only get better."

It can only get better.

Cheers to that glimmer of hope.
2009 I promise to:

Quit smoking.
Be a better person/friend/sister/daughter/gf.
Pray more.
Hit the gym! I just have to.
Save $.
Attempt to cook.
Be happy. Not worry too much.


Mila said...

hahaha i laughed out loud. Such a funny story! :)

Thanks for your lovely commenton my blog sweetheart, i really appreciate!

May all your dreams come true...


FrankieBaby said...

I 2nd that...I think I've had one good new years my whole life!

EliandMe said...

*shudders at the thought of too many bad New Year's Eves*

Staying at home and dancing around in your pjs is where it's at girl!

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