Thursday, January 22, 2009

Men I love. :)

My Pappa would have been more than happy to have JM for Prez.
But as he cutely told my other family members who shares that belief (not me obv!) , "We will support whoever is President whole-heartedly." :) such a cute Pappa.

Good sport to take this pic with me :)
Momma laughed at how "natural" i looked... she meant ugly with no make-up! ha

It was late-ish! lol American Idol, it's our gathering at the Lechuga casa.
WHOOOO HOOO!!! has anyone else noticed how much nicer Simon is this season??? like tues. when he asked the little boy (who came with his dad who Simon said NO to) for a hug cos he "needed one" awww Even Simon needs hugs. I believe a hug makes all the difference.

i heart simon.
i heart our President. (barry called him my man-crush)
i heart my Pappa the most.

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