Thursday, January 29, 2009

What do we do on a "snowy" day in Texas?

We all get together and we drink. :)

And i wear a boy's puffy coat. Joanna swears by it and all the girls are doing it.

ps. and by "snowy" i mean enough for texas :) not enough to make snow angels but enough to make me not want to drive my go-kart of a car out in it. This is outside my work... can you see why i didn't want to drive on that parking lot?? luckily darling friend knows how to drive carefully in this mess.

Micaela is still in one piece. :)


Meg said...

i can't believe it! really? in houston it snowed, that much?!

Micaela said...

oh no darling meg, i don't live in Houston :) I live in a small texas town up north near Oklahoma. It's 2 hours from Dallas, called Wichita Falls.

Meg said...

oh girl i know Wichita. Why did i think you lived in houston? oh golly gosh gee--im losing it!

Micaela said...

I dunno? Lol :) next time you're in the lone star state, let's go see a band or a fab eatery. Us texas girls should stick together :) deal pickle?

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