Wednesday, January 21, 2009


a NEW season of LOST starting tonight!!! ahhhh more of this love triangle :) makes for an excited Micaela!!!

*in related news... TOTALLY forgot about ABC Sunday's "Brother's & Sisters." Now i'm excited to catch up via the computer. What did we do before the internet? before i could write my random thoughts out there and find lovies like you all??! I'm just saying :)

happiness is:
*my auntie thess visiting. It's so cute to see her and my Momma interacting. I see fully why there's no relationship like the one sisters share.
*Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. Yum. Then a java shake from Sonic. YES worth the 1,000 + calories!!!! (minus the whip creme though)
*Casa di M getting together slowly but surely
*plans to see the MAVS game against the Bulls!!! i have ALWAYS wanted to go to a game. always. Dirk N. is my homeboy.
*enjoying my job. Our boss is out of the office so we took this pic for her. :)

sending big Lechuga smiles your way xo

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