Friday, January 9, 2009

Single-ish. I feel like a Rockstar!!! :)

Every day I go on
It's a part of my daily routine :)
and for this very reason: SMITTEN. I love Joanna.

I read "Single-ish" quite often as well, but i hardly comment for whatever reason.
But yesterday Single-ish Erin wrote a cute post asking whether, "you come on too strong?"

here's part of my answer:

I am def. an over-sharer :) but not just to men, women too! lol it's just
how i am. lol I like to touch people when I'm talking to them and i realize that
some people may not want someone in "their bubble" but i think someone who is
open to people is infectious in a good way :)

THIS is why i feel like such a ROCK STAR. :)
The cute Erin posted a "weekend assignment" off MY comment. WHOO HOOO!!!!
I am such a nerd i know :) but i think it's def. cool!!!! so please have a looksie!!!! xo

*ps. now you'll know who i am on from my handle. hehe

1 comment:

EliandMe said...

What do you mean you feel like a rock star? You ARE a rock star!

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