Friday, August 27, 2010

this is how i felt this friday morning...

i went into work at 7:30 this morning and only worked 2 and a half hours... and yet still felt like this. why? because today was supposed to be my day off. i have worked so much this past week that all i wanted to do was sleep in this morning. 


this is what i want to be doing later. 

i just love this photograph.

have a sexy friday lovies! x

( images here )


Lauren Nicole said...

sent you an email lovie.

you're awesome for getting up that early when you shouldn't have to.

have a wonderful friday if i don't talk to ya. <3 <3

- L

Lo said...

haha!! love this!

sorry you had to wake up early but...on the bright side---at least it was only for two hours, right??

and that picture....whew...i hope YOU have a SEXY friday :)

Sam Harvey said...

oh my god! love it! i had afternoon delight yesteday. sky rockets in flight!

Claire Kiefer said...

So much puppylove in your heart for going in on your day off. :) And I want to be doing that later, too!! ha.

BuenoBueno said...

i love these!
and the first one is how i feel every morning!
i wake jacob up and say "coffee?"

then after 5 atempts of waking im up he makes it!

hope your weekend is grande!

Karina said...

Sorry you didn't get to sleep in ; ( now go and take a nap so that you can have a very sexy afternoon ; D. Or go and take a very long bubble bath... Happy Friday querida ... Luv Kary xoxo

Karleen said...

I love those pics!

Cheer up and know that you put a huge smile on my face yesterday when I got your postcard in the mail. And now one is on it's happy way to you.

Have a lovely weekend & I wish you a lazy day to catch up on your sleep!

carmar76 said...

that picture is hilarious because that is JUST how i have been feeling this week, too! have been working gads of OT (even going in tomorrow, eep!) and the end of that doesn't look to be in sight yet...

received the turtle, thank you much! sea turtles are my favorite turtles. their heads/beaks remind me of that eagle guy on the muppets. who reminds me of peter brokaw. heh. : )


Phoenix Peacock said...

hahaha, the top one is how I feel today!

missy. said...

i'm sorry you've been working a lot lately - hopefully you'll get a break soon! xoxo

Meghan said...

So, I totally just received your CD in the mail, and lady, we have so much to talk about - how much I love it, how beautiful the packaging is, and HOW WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME TASTE!!! AHHHH! I am going to be blogging about it later this week, but I wanted to say thanks!!! Hearts!

Every Little Counts said...

oh my god. these are the best photos EVER. do you know what movie that bottom one is from? it looks like something i definitely need to see!

ps... i hope you got some rest this weekend!

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