Saturday, August 28, 2010

MIX SHARE swap {part one}

Nothing is more fun than a mixed tape made just for you by a friend, lover, co-worker, or even a complete stranger. 

Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon hosted a mixed share swap where you send two mixed tapes to two people, thus getting two from two different people in return. Instructions were to have at least 10 tracks with any theme you fancied. Plus (the fun part) decorating your mixed tape and making sure it gets to it's destination safely. {as you know if you have the pleasure of knowing Bianca, she is an artistic/collage genius! she even provided cd inspiration}

i got one in the mail today from Mariah in Oklahoma: 

thanks Mariah! i'm so glad it didn't break without a case {points for including a Bright Eyes track- love them!} & cute name for a compilation. 

One of mine also reached their destinations today! I was so excited to be paired up with Meghan over at "The Perfect Compilation Tape." Truth be told, a little nervous too since i always love the music she posts. You can imagine how elated i was when she wrote me this darling comment, "So, I totally just received your CD in the mail, and lady, we have so much to talk about - how much I love it, how beautiful the packaging is, and HOW WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME TASTE!!! AHHHH! I am going to be blogging about it later this week, but I wanted to say thanks!!! Hearts!"

Meghan you are so cute! Here's what i sent :

backside of package- i remembered her love of cupcakes
polaroid card + doily crocheted by my momma
the front of the mixed tape

i told Meghan that not only was it my version of the perfect compilation tape (i loved that her blog title is so fitting) but also my personal "time machine." That each song brought me back to a particular time in my life... the start or end of a new relationship, laughing in the car with my twinkie, college... my summer spent in Italy, or songs to listen to on a bad day with a glass of wine. 

did you join the Mix Share swap? 

PS. speaking of mixed tapes... my bestie sent me two beautifully packaged ones that i can't wait to show on Monday! i love you Marisa 


Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo, what fun!

Karina said...

Definately sounds like lots of fun.... I really need to do that sometime ; )

Claire Kiefer said...

I love this posttttttttttt! Because:
a) Meghan is the greatest and I would love to be paired with her!,
b) your packaging and decoration is SO BEAUTIFUL, as it is always. I love it--you are so talented!
c) I see some songs on your cd to Meghan that I once sent to you!! Almost Lover & Long Lost Brother . . . both make my heart swell . . . so sweet and so sad, and Over the Rhine is from Georgia which makes them all the more wonderful. <3

Can't wait to see Marisa's mixes!!

carmar76 said...

Love it! I don't have any way of making cd's or I would join one of these swaps. New music (new to me, new arrangement, etc.) is one of life's greatest joys. I love hearing a song I've never heard before - or even better, one that I love but haven't heard in a long time!!
: )

Micaela said...

Claire i love love loveee those songs! your whole cds really, but those just "get me." beautiful!

Marisa said...

oh my bestie... your cd design is just amazing. You are so artistic....People still comment on my Valentines Day card from last year that I have out...ed.

Faiza said...

i love love love the way you decorated meghan's CD! perfection!

Meghan said...

I still cannot get over my excitement!!! I took pics of your creation yesterday and will be doing a post later this week!

Seriously, when I saw how you opened with Damien Rice, well, you are a girl after my very own heart! His music has SO much passion and meaning!

Happy Sunday, my dear!

Leesh said...

I have never participated in a mixed tape swap but it would be interesting to. I have only participated in a book swap and tea exchange, oh, and I postcard one.

Hopefully I will come across a mixed tape swap soon.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This makes me want to check out some new bands.

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