Monday, August 2, 2010

Le Giveaway Winner!

when i asked if anyone would like to help me spread some cheer through the postal system to my brother in Iraq, you lovies showed me even more what big hearts you have. 

35 friends from around the world emailed and asked for Marco's address. A few i have never talked to before the email which meant that much more to me. I can not thank you all enough. Your kindness touched my heart and i know will greatly touch my brother's heart. 

i wish i could send everyone a personal thank you gift, because trust me i would! i hosted this little giveaway with all your names entered and had Max randomly select a magic number.

Gabby darling, send me your address and these will be headed your way!!! xoxo


Gracie said...

Congrats to Gabby!! That's really lovely.

Oh and I was able to finally send off my little letter to your brother lol. After all the postal drama. :)

carmar76 said...

Yay to Gabby!! : )

Love that bag - Keep Calm & Carry On... It looks really familiar, but I can't pinpoint, it's like I've seen it on a poster or card or something. (The whole thing, not just the saying.) Do help me figure that out when you get a chance, yes? Please & thank you!!

Marisa said...


Gabby said...

Yay yay yay! Love your face, lady.

Faiza said...

Congrats to Gabby and everyone who took part in this shared kindness!

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