Monday, August 9, 2010

Postal Service.

it seems on monday i get a handful of incoming that my outbounds look weak. I'm not complaining, a happy mailbox makes for a happy micaela. i do so love love letters from you lovies!

^my girlfriend Steph (twinkie's bff) sent me these BEAUTIFUL postcards! she just got into Postcrossing and ordered some - sharing her goodies with me. I love them! (the sex one cracked me up)

^the cutest little envelope from Ria (i love the italian stamp!) i couldn't wait to write her back, her letter was so much fun to read.

^from Twinkie when she was frolicking on the beaches of Florida (and meeting Shelly!) & Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens from Carrie Marie

^i just LOVE Kary & her handsome little boy Miguelito!!! They sent me a map covered goodie package: coffee mug for my collection, candies, java junkie (perfectly describes me!) keychain, the sweetest letters from each of them and if that wasn't perfection enough... check out this magnet they sent especially for me! thank you sooo much dearest friends. It completely made my day!!! xo
it matches my LP art + postcard from my bestie

^i love how Courtney made my name

^from bride-to-be herself, CW

: front:
^this pretty is from Nicola in Scotland - lurve the envelope and goodies that included vintage papers of her granddad's (so special), vintage postcards, and coffee that will work magic while at work. i can't get over how fabulous the envelope is!

^from a new friend, Maria who i met when she asked me for my brother's address to send him a letter in iraq. the yellow cheered me up!

When i was in Texas in july, Erin sent me a Penguin Books postcard of D.H. Lawrence's "The Lost Girl." It summed up exactly how i was feeling at the time. I want to frame that one next to the one she sent me... it sums up exactly how i feel now. 

^there's nothing like a care package from my Momma! full of delish italian cookies (perfect for my coffee!) & doilies she crocheted for you guys! yes you guys, my closest blog friends. I've already sent out quite a few. From my Mom, to you. 

^Megan (you got a doily fyi! ha) in cheers of your new pretty glasses (the postal clerk stuck the customs sticker right on the back before she realized! i was so upset as i left room on the front ESP. for that... sorry honey!)

^reply to a new pen pal met through postcrossing Kristina, another new pen pal Monica, and Nettie in Germany who was going through a hard time at her workplace.

^for Ria (you got a doily too!) 


Claire Kiefer said...

If I did a mail post, it would include something sent to MICAELA LECHUGA today! I sent it priority so you should get it very soon. I can't get over how cute your "girls who wear glasses" package is--that is so thoughtful, creative, and perfect. I miss you, but I looooove your mail posts. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

p.s. so glad Gabby won the giveaway, given her hard couple weeks!

Micaela said...

Claire you are just THE CUTEST!!! but as i said on your "blog wall" seriously, why are YOU sending me something?! lol it's YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH! :) i'm sooo excited for your birthday! lol it's ridiculous ha but i'm all about them, especially one for a best friend :) though my goodness, we DO need to catch up! let's make a date soon! and YES, i'm so happy it was Gabby! when she emailed me her address, she told me about her situation before she posted it, and i thought.. you know karma, is really awesome sometimes! xoxo

Megan said...

Oh Micaela i LOVE LOVE that envelope! So perfect and thoughtful thankyou. I cannot wait until it arrives.

Tillie said...

I got my birthday present yesterday!!! AH you are amazing hehe. I am putting somethingl ovely together for you as i type...well not right this second, but today! haha.

Love you girl. xox

Katastrophic said...

That is just so adorable. It must be such a pleasure to receive such cute letters in the mail. :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I love your mail posts... always so exciting, inspiring, and awesome!

carmar76 said...

I love your mail posts! : ) I think I love them so much that they inspired mine. (Can't remember if I shared my postcards on my blog before I saw you or Marz do it...Please don't sue me! LOL)

I can't bring myself to post outgoing mail, though, because I enjoy the art of surprise too much! ; )

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

these are all so beautiful! that is the best most lovely envelope ever!!!
Love these incoming and outgoing mail shares!

Gracie said...

So cute! Your mum is so sweet to make those doilies :) Ah happy mail! Absolutely love it! x

Faiza said...

love your mail art!

thinking about your mama's doily sitting on my bedside right now and wishingy ou a gorgeous day ahead!

shelly said...

i do not know how you keep up with all of us, but so grateful that you do :) xoxo

Ria said...

I'm always glad when a letter I've sent arrive safely, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I'm so looking forward to recieving your reply!

I'm totally addicted to Mulino Bianco biscuits, particularly Pan di Stelle... mmm, I feel a craving coming on! Ooooh, and Duplo too! It's much cheaper than bueno (especially if you buy a multipack ;) I'm terrible!!)

Ria said...

ps, I can't believe you sent me a doily! That is one of the most touching gifts you could send... words can't express :) xx

Fabi said...

I absolutely LOVE the Romeo and Juliet postcard. I LOVE the movie.

Wonderful mail, really :)!

Lauren Nicole said...

i must admit that i am quite jealous of all those yummy looking postcards. you an never have too many postcards, to keep and to send. the 'i had to tell someone', audrey hepburn and bottom right of the first photo are so great. <3 <3 and that envelope from nicola is amazing! lovelovelove.

and that is the cutest thing, your mom's care package! LOVELOVELOVE.

all of your outgoing is wonderful of course; your envelopes are becoming more and more signature-ly you, which i love. :]

- L

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