Monday, August 2, 2010

Postal Service.

^a dolce italian package from pretty Faiza. I loved it!!! italian art & the language? perfetto! Faiza picked these at a book sale across from her work and thought of my love for Italy. Grazie bella!

^the cutest fawn envelope from cute Megan (reminds me of my little guy) that included a card she bought for me from the National Library knowing how much i love books. Sweetness!

^I sent a handmade postcrossing to Kristina in Slovenia, telling her my very first pen pal was from Slo and we've kept in touch ever since we were 13. Kristina asked if she could write me and this is her first adorable letter. (she works a a chocolate shop and sent me a little candy... delish!!!) it's amazing the connections you can make in the teeny space of a postcard.

^postcard from Janette in Germany & card from Phoenix

^postcard lindsey got me in France. jolie!

slowly catching up on my outbounds...

^replies to Zoe, Shelly, and a handmade postcrossing who also likes Neil Patrick Harris (doogie? really? ha)

: front : 

: back : 

^letter & postcard to one of my absolute favourites, L. Nicole 

^replies to Blanca, Phoenix, and Carolyn 

^i sent these parrot cards to Danielle after seeing them in a stationary boutique in Baltimore. Any wonder why they made me think of her and Flojo? 

^since Ria got my letter, this is what i sent her (vintage hankie, cheeky journal, ring, and some teas. (you can see everything on her blog post here)

and these will actually be on their way tomorrow...

^mini parcels to Faiza & Gracie

Hope your mailboxes are as full as mine!  Off to make my tummy full with my favorite (indian food!) with my favorite (Max!). Enjoy your Monday nights!!! (can't wait til Monday nights mean Monday Night Football!!!)


SweetLime313 said...

oh, can't wait to read your letter!

Hope you have some yummy chicken tikka masala with your Max!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I got the card over the weekend. I love love love my bunny envelope. Your little valentine inside was adorable.

Megan said...

Oh so glad you got my letter!
I love thepostcards that you sent to Danielle.

carmar76 said...

You seriously are an inspiration to me!

alyssa said...

Ohhh, I must know where that deer envelope came from, I LOVE it!!!!

Blicious said...

i love them all but the ME YOU one is SOOOO cute!!!


Niki said...

What a lovely package - LOVE the fawn envelope!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow that is amazing. I absolutely love snail mail. Sadly, it's been a bit forgetten especially since we now have cellphones and emails. Though I still smile whenever I receive an email but I would still much prefer snail mail any day. =)

Meghan said...

You are one lucky lady!!!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Lovely letters and packages! I recently went to the papers store in town... the only one available, and felt so sad about my super limited options for beautifulness. I have a few magazines I'm cutting up though. These photos are pure inspiration! So happy your mailbox is full and you're in full project outbox art mode!


Karina said...

How beautiful!!!! Happy mail is always great to send and receive...
Have a great week.
I sent you an email.

Kary xoxo

Lauren Nicole said...

lovely mail caela! YOU are truly a mail goddess, i love all of these outgoings and you do receive some of the most wonderful mail as well. already told you, but i loved my letter and postcard, thank you, thank you, thank you!
- L

Diana said...

what?? i want to send you mail!! how do i go about this???

my mailbox will much prettier i believe

Gracie said...

Weee! I can't wait for my little package. Those fawns are adorable. I think I see a new obsession starting :)

I love the envelope you decorated/made for Lauren. It's ever so pretty!!

Yay! For beautiful and wonderful mail. xx

Belen said...

i love the packaging in the first one! sometimes, if the packaging is so fantastic, i don't even pay attention to the inside, hahaha. i'm like "oh yeah! i need to open this!" :P

{ Thy Lady } said...

yay I can't wait to do mail with you!! :D :D

P.S. sent you an email reply! x

Faiza said...

grazie to you too! i love neil patrick harris too. and that postcard from lindsey has summer written all over it!

Sita Says So What..... said...

I wanan send you stuff from Kosovo!!!

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