Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wanting to know you Wens : the shoe date!

"But I rationalized that my new shoes shouldn't be punished just because I can't budget." - Carrie Bradshaw

I have a love affair with all my heels. Because I'm a shoe addict and our coffee date was so much fun, last week i asked everyone to send in a pair of their favorite shoes {from heels to converse}.  I adored seeing everyone's faves and hearing the stories behind them. 

^these are my beauties: J Crew italians with a fabulous pop of neon pink. "hello  lover"

^Rhianne from Yorkshire. She bought these the 1st year of uni & said it took her a whole year to break them- the most effort she ever put into a pair of shoes but every bit worth it. She took this picture of them when she saw Bruce Springsteen last  year. 

^i love Ashley from Colorado's turquoise cowboy boots! Lovies, i wanna go shopping with her- she found these for 50 cents at a rummage sale. Her size, broken-in... not fair.  PS. i love her pug admiring them.

^Bianca's Draven Jessica shoes in Australia. J'adore the moccasin/mary jane look.

^quite possibly the fanciest shoes i've seen-- of course they belong to my Claire in Cali! She kindly told me to note that these Christian Louboutin stilettos (that happen to be owned by Rhianna & Cameron Diaz as well) won out over her red patent Miu Miu slingbacks, black Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals, Jimmy Choos, and vintage Balenciago t-straps. "I'm just sayin. :)" ha Love it! Claire, i'm pretty sure we wear the same size... just sayin. *wink

^Erin in  Colorado's fave pair of flats. She wears a lot of turquoise jewelry & loves that these have turquoise beads on them! Erin's a total flip flop/sandals kind of girl.

^speaking of turquoise, these converse belong to Farah in Malaysia. She got these in Paris when she was visiting her boyfriend so you can imagine all the beautiful memories attached to them.

^Claudia in California : "I really don't get to wear these too often, you know housewife, mom of three, and a husband... they're like two inches high and when I wear them I feel hot and sexy (this is only once or twice a year!) The rest of the year I wear my sneakers- you can even see the sock mark on my ankles in this pic."

^Fallon in Las Vegas. I love the buttons!

^Laura in Oregon who's fun, quirky, cutesy heels (check out the soles!) were found in England. Laura says it was love at first sight- they were so her and so worth the fact they are the most she spent on heels ($100!) and a killer to walk in. I'm the same way- a slave to fashion love!   

^Gracie in Australia's sweet bow/stripes flats, the perfect combo!

^Sharni from Australia is a slave to fashion too. She got these in London a size too small because they didn't have her size. She would just suffer with the prettiness. Cheers because the more she wore them, the better they fit and now they're like a glove. 

^Steph in Texas wearing her comfy converse. She joked she wouldn't have sent in her shoes had i not said, "anything from heels to converse." (I once joked about her wearing "trainers" out to the bar) In retrospect, Steph i really want a pair just like yours. I'll wear them with my dresses of course. *wink

^my beautiful Bestie in North Dakota with her beautiful heels. (love them M!) i also love the pretty painting in the back and what it means to you Marisa. Love love love you!

^Ria in Italy's fun heels remind me of Laura's. Ria says when she wears them, she feels like she's stepped out of a fairy tale. Plus, the patterned soles are the cutest!

^Heather's boots in Chile. Oh i want these! Heather i can tell you have great style- love the skirt/dress too, paired with the blue tights.

^Taylor in Chicago's pretty strapped heels. She got these in high school and says she'll always love them. I can see why- besides being pretty they're magical. Taylor was wearing them the night her husband first told her he loved her and when they shared their first kiss. Magical, indeed!  

I seriously loved seeing all your shoes from around the world! they tell a little about us, don't they? I have the most fashionable readers for sure! THANK-YOU for playing along. xo

(if you have ideas for another photo play-along, do comment please. I so love our virtual dates!)


Claire Kiefer said...

Pretty much my favorite blog post ever, for obvious reasons. :) I loooooove your J.Crew beauties (that pink!) and I looooooove Marisa's gorgeous heels! This was so incredibly fun, even though Marianne should be on here in her casual shoes. :)

Stephanie said...

This shoe blog reminds me of when you were at my work. I went looking for you, all I could see were shoes. And I knew exactly which pair were yours! haha.

Ria said...

Aha, Laura's shoes are made by the same people who made mine ;) Irregular Choice for the win!

Phoenix Peacock said...

your dates are so fun! I swear - one day I will play along. haha.
Um Claire - I don't care what size you are - I will still take your shoes!!!! I'm having serious shoe envy over the list she sent!

Maddy said...

hmm.. i hope someone thinks of another subject! i want to play.. i'm all moved now so I can join the fun! maybe a favorite... uh... photo? dress? vintage item?

love your jcrew heels!

this free bird said...

OMG I LOVE THIS POST!!! came here via claire and have totally thrown in!!

love all the girls and their shoes!


Belen said...

I forgot yet again. :((((
Life took me away and it slipped my mind. Grrrrr. Forgive me seester? ♥

I hope that you'll do another of this. And I SUH-WEAR to do it IMMEDIATELY so that I don't forget. (And perhaps I'll try throwing in a mug and shoes in the picture to make up for it, he he he.) I really wanted to show you my favorite shoes too!!!!

Taylor Yves said...

thank you for your kind words and thanks for including me in this! you're a great online-community-builder! ideas for things to share: favorite book, favorite photograph, favorite place to sit and think, favorite everyday cosmetic ... so many things we can do.

this free bird said...

back again...i love claire too!! she's awesome and hilarious!!

i'm following so i don't miss out for next time. shoes unite!


Karleen said...

I love your wednesday dates! I failed on this one though, I'll play along next time - promise!
Other ideas...favorite piece of jewelry, room in your house, favorite meal, fav outfit...

Megan said...

Oh this was such a fun post, I love that you included a little something about each persons shoes. I love Ria and Lauras, so cute.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I love this post and seeing everybody's shoes! So many amazing heels! I forgot to tell you that those were my favorite boots, bought in San Fran back in the day at some super wonderful store full of galoshes and beautiful heels kitty corner from a bookstore called Dog-Eared Books.

And those are knee high socks with little ball tassles, haha. :)


Claudia said...

What fun! I want to do this again!

Simply Me said...

This is such a cool post ...i would have loved to participate if only i had seen this earlier ..* sigh* ..maybe I'll meet you on the next virtual date ..
Also i love the pop of pink in your heels ..Farah's blue converse shoes and Taylor's heels ..

Novelista Barista said...

loveeee the shoes!!!!!!!!

carmar76 said...

i'm not even a shoe person, and i loved this post! so many pretty shoes!! :) of course, i forgot to send my photo, but that's alright. *laugh*

favorite book would be a great date! favorite postcard/card, best vacation spot so far... mmm...vacation! ; )

i-zilla said...

those yummy heels with ponies on the bottom are to die for! your blogger friends have some very sexy shoesies!

Rhianne said...

so many shoes :) I wish I could have had a picture of me wearing mine but they are in the bottom of a box somewhere lol. I love Lauren's irregular choice shoes - everytime I see a pair I want one!

And i love the pug too :) cute!

Krystal said...

this was ridiculously fun!

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Oh my Oh my!!

I was going to send in a pic of my fave DM boots but I was away so couldn't :-(

Still, this was amazing to see! All those amazing shoes! I've never been a shoe girl, but reading the stories behind everyone's favourite shoes made me realize what something so simple means to people! Amazing!

And I love Heather's boots, and skirt, and name. I've been looking for a pair of boots like that since forever!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a cool post!!! So fun looking at all those shoes:) Great idea:)

Kisses and have a great day

Meghan said...

OMG! I cannot believe I missed this one! Everyone has the most incredible shoes!

Katastrophic said...

Wow, I really like those shoes. And that one with the pony? How adorable! Hahah, this is really great post. I'd love to see these more often.

Erin said...

I'm loving everyone's favorite ideas, espcecially fave book, piece of jewelry and room in your house. Favorite spot in your town could be fun as well. What a lovely host you are!

Connie said...


Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Such a fun idea for a post!!! I think it's a tie between yours and Claire's — to die for! Have a great weekend!

Laura Loo said...

HEY! This is so awesome! I am lovin so many of those shoes! and I think it's so cool, Ria's shoes are Irregular Choice as well! Gotta love shoes with cool soles. I just hate walking in my ice cream heels because I don't want the unicorn to get dirty! Hahah

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