Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharing Sundays... just dandy.

today's feature is especially for those mothers-to-be or if you're looking for the perfect gift for any baby shower.

Beautiful first time Mom Jill Hickman over at just dandy creates the cutest baby accessories. Almost as cute as her little guy.

she is so crafty, look at her mostly DIY nursery : i adore the tree stump ottoman.

her husband (fellow Texan!) painted the wall.

my girlfriend Courtney and her husband (who was also my favourite news photographer back in my reporting days) just had their first baby (a pretty girl named Zoey!) & in my search for the perfect gift, i found Jill's etsy shop. What gift would be more micaela than a pair of shoes? 

Jill can customize any style & size (newborn - 9 months) with your choice of color. My choice for little Zoey? Pink Mocs!!! She was so sweet to send directly to the Gist family with a note to Zoey from her auntie Micaela saying that i believe every girl should own a pair of moccasins.

how precious are these ballet pink mary janes?!

my little girl is def. going to have a ruffled bib!

& if i have a cute boy? no problem. Check out the handkerchief bib.

handmade toys... i just love handmade anything & you know she just makes them with love.

check out Jill's blog / etsy shop and you HAVE to check out this video her husband made of her growing belly. ADORABLE! i want max to do the same thing one day for my preggo belly and i hope i'm as cute as she is.

Jill, thank-you for my customized pink mocs!! Zoey & Courtney LOVE them! you were so fast with shipping & sweet for offering to send them directly to Oregon with my note. xoxo


Megan said...

Oh I adore the handkerchief bib, so adorable. You will be such a sweet mum Micaela.

April said...

Awwww BABIES. So cute.

Stephanie said...

Aww, it's all so adorable! Makes me want to have another one! haha.

carmar76 said...

Love the little shoes! Baby shoes are sooooo much cuter now than when I was little. LOL

shelly said...

eep! that little lamb is so cute! you are going to have some very stylish babies :)

Lauryn said...

That ruffle bib is so darn cute! Baby accessories are dangerous because they make me want to procreate just so that I dress a cute little person :) lol

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