Tuesday, August 10, 2010

for you, who loves the sea.

Dear Twinkie,

Happy 9 years with your soul mate! i remember when you first saw him and told me all about it. Such a smitten kitten.

Lucky for me, so was i.

You couldn't have picked better. I love you both! xoxo


its simple love said...

I love this song. It's adorable and goes so well with this post. Congrats!


p.s. be sure to enter my vintage ring and peruvian feather earring giveaway when you get the chance :)

Marz said...

I remember when you would come in to JC Penney to see me at work and you would be in your Golden Corral uniform from waitressing and you would say hello to him in our early stages! lol :)
Philip always knew we were a package deal! :) I love how close you are to his family as well. OUR mother-in-law adores you! ha :)
Thank you so much for this sweet post :) It means so much to me! What a beautiful and perfect song! Thank you for being there for us throughout it all. I love you twinkie girl!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ooooh I love Cat Power. Do you know her song Good Woman? That's my favorite, but it's also the saddest. Maybe I put it on one of your mixes--can't remember.

Re: Marianne's post--omg so sweet! Marianne at JC Penney and Micaela in Golden Corral uniform! That is the cutest image ever. Y'all are the greatest package deal I've ever known, that's for sure! Both Philip and Max are lucky lads, no doubt.

LOVED our chat today and yesterday and I've needed extra Micaela in my life! I sent your book yesterday and then a letter to Marianne today--so much Lechuga love :)

Marisa said...

So Sweet M... I love this song. What a sweet story Marianne just told.

Kimbirdy said...

that really sweet & i love that song! also thanks for your sweet comment. i can't wait to see your vacation post!

carmar76 said...

You two are so adorable! I wish my mom & her twin were as close as you two. They get along and love each other & everything (now, thank God) but they're not ... bff's like you two. Thank you for reaffirming my faith in twin power. (lol)

Every Little Counts said...

oh, i love this song... and esp. her version. have you heard the tom waits version? so different, but i love it.

happy anniversary to your sis :)

Lauren Nicole said...

they truly are one of the most adorable couples ever. i loved marianne's post on her blog, so sweet. things like this just make a big smile appear on my face. <3 <3
- L

m.a.f said...

i want to walk down the aisle to cat power's the wind. his music moves and soothes my soul!

Raquel said...

I love this song! Happy anniversary to your pretty sister!

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